Our Tours

Costa Rica is located in the heart of the Central American jungle. It is one of the most biodiverse places in the world. With lush tropical mountains overlooking sandy beaches of the pacific ocean, costa rica has many adventures waiting for you to experience so you must take advantage of the tours offered in our area.

CR Guest Houses Fishing Tours: We take our fishing as seriously as you do and know what you expect and deserve when you charter a boat for a great day on the water. Our Fishing department has over 20 years in the Sport Fishing industry. We have carefully selected only those boats from both Los Suenos Marina and Herradura Bay, that meet CR Bachelors high standards; by consistently producing strong numbers of trophy fish, offering the best customer service, and are equipped with the best tackle and rigging.

CR Guest Houses Zip Line Tour: Before you go flying down the zip lines, your guides will teach you the proper techniques, including how to hold onto the cable and how to position your body. They will make sure that your gear is properly adjusted and help you launch off from each platform. Since your guides take care of starting and stopping you along each cable, you can relax and enjoy the ride. You are free to change your group order at any time during the tour, making it easy to go ahead or drop behind the rest of your party. This allows you the time and space to take photos and videos, or just catch your breath.

CR Guest Houses Motorcross Tour: The ultimate off-road Costa Rica dirt bike tours with Yamaha WRs, including 250s and 250’s, and jungle single track that never ends! See our Costa Rica Enduro Tour website for more detailed information. We feature both single track trails and also wide open stretches across the sands of the Pacific Ocean, from mountain tops to river crossing, Costa Rica Unlimited is dirt bike heaven. Get your riding buddies together for an adventure ride of a lifetime and ride out your front door, with US Guides, amazing homes and an endless variety of trails. Located only 1 hour 30 minutes from San Jose Airport, our home base in Playa Hermosa is on the sands of Pacific Ocean. Come experience warm weather, tropical water, abundant wildlife, and adventures to keep your Facebook/ Twitter/YouTube community jealous!

CR Guest Houses Crocodile Tour: You will have the opportunity to see magnificent ancient reptiles more than 12 feet long! Crocodiles have been on the planet for more than two hundred million years. Since they haven’t changed much over time, they are considered living dinosaurs. Our tour guides will give you a glimpse into the prehistoric past, via a trip through the Costa Rican mangroves. You can also see iguanas and basilisks in their natural environment. You will be accompanied by a Captain and a bilingual guide, both navigation experts willing to provide all the information about the fauna and flora of the river while facilitating you the opportunity to photograph and film the wildlife at close range.

CR Guest Houses ATV Tour: Our ATV tours are supervised, exciting, and unparalleled! After brief operating instructions, Mount your ATV, start it up and you are off! Enjoy 4×4 trails at their best; traversing them on a high powered all terrain vehicle while following your English speaking guide. Depending on which tour you choose, you will be able to see a amazing scenery, breath taking view points, secluded beaches, and many river crossings.